I might be getting older, or has it been a case of the latest trends have got to me? Either way this girl now loves a suit. I always thought they were a workwear item for business people who work monday- friday 9-5, well that clearly isn’t me (a girl who is typing this at 9pm at night hugging a mug of tea). Oh how wrong was i!

They are so easy to wear. Like so easy. Be it together, separately, whatever the season. Suits are a fool proof choice no matter what your day holds. Basically if you haven’t invested in one by now, you will want to in just a few short paragraphs of reading. Plus, another killer reason as to why you need at least one of them in your wardrobe is you feel like a kick arse girl boss as soon as you slide out of your pjs into this bad boy. The power of clothing!

A short suit is a quirky and more individual take on a suit, which if I am honest if probably why I love this one so much and why I was drawn to it. I am not like everyone else- this girl loves to stand out. Which I certainly do in this little animal beauty. Even though regular brown and cream or black and white animal print is not something I would necessarily ever reach for in a store, teamsed with the right accessories it is a complete first class winner whatever the occassion.

The best thing, okay one of the best things about a suit is just how versatile they are. The jacket is an all year around staple, it can be worn with jeans and trainers or heels, over a dress in the evening, or with a denim skirt and band tee for a gig outfit. Give a girl the right blazer jacket and just you watch the girl boss come oozing out of her. You will see it before your very eyes, I can guarantee it. The shorts are also amazing in their own right, teamed with a basic tee and pumps for a daytime look or a bodysuit and leather jacket and boots for a date night or night with the girls. The fact that it can be worn so many different ways is exactly the reason as to why it is an essential item to pack on any holiday or mini break you have planned over the summer.

If you buy a suit in a colour or pattern that suits you perfectly it can last you for years. You must absolutely love it though The fit. The fabric, the feel of it. Everything must make you feel amazing, make you want to stand in front of a mirror, take a selfie for your insta stories and show the world just how god damn amazing you are.

So to sum it up just go and buy a suit, you might need to try quite a few on, but when you find that perfect one. Oh my goodness it will be worth it’s weight in gold. I promise you. Do not write them off as business wear like I did. They are so much more. I mean I own a baby blue one and a leopard print one. Hardly work appropriate right? Just promise me one thing, when you find that perfect match you will love them. cherish the, and embrace them into your wardrobe with warm open arms. Wear it whenever you can and watch that inner girl boss come out at all the occasions. sass 10.0

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