So, as you all may know that for the past four years I have been filling the world with a whole lot more colour thanks to starting my blog. You are all welcome!

Colour makes me happy, prints make me happier but clashing prints and colour make me the happiest! So if you do not like any or all of those things then this is probably where you find one of those monochrome or baby pink feeds that cover instagram. Sorry but I was born to stand out with bright orange hair so it was standard really that I am not like every other instagrammer!!!

The world is a happier place when it is more colourful, more vibrant and more rainbow. YES, rainbow is a real word for description. You will all learn I am not overly fantastic at grammar but I make up for that in enthusiasm and sheer passion. So that is okay right? We can’t be perfect all the time. Okay, I also have horrific banter and dad jokes will be a plenty, but like colour they will make you smile and smiling is what I am all about.

Who is excited for where this blog is going to go? I AM!!!!

I have just started a new chapter in my life. I made the biggest and most selfish decision I have ever made last week. I quit my job as a beauty therapist and took a leap of faith into a new career as a colour stylist with no real knowledge as an amazing group of girls saw something in me that I didn’t see myself. So after months of being unhappy in a job that drained me in more than one way I took back myself. I made the best decision and I took the leap. I QUIT!! I made the leap into the unknown and I can not wait to see where it takes me. Finally everything is all tying up, adding up and becoming a whole picture. I no longer live two completely seperate lives. I love colour, I love fashion and I love being me and being different. So now we are all updated on my life and where I am at lets do this!!!!


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