If you do not like colour then the chances are you are on the wrong blog. If you are a lover of black and white then sorry don’t waste your time reading my blog. I am all for colour. Colour is the best thing ever in my opinion. As soon as you see it, wear it or think of it it releases endophines and make us happier. Why would you not want more of that in your life?

I have always loved colour, it is something that is in my DNA I think. I just can not wear darker colours, they do not suit me, my personality or my life. I just can’t do it. I look ill and like I need a good fake tan. I fake tan everyday but that is because it makes me feel better and more confident. Even when I have a bronzed goddess tan white and black are just not right for my skin and hair colour. Everyone has their own colours and shades they can wear each one dependant on your skin and hair colour. Things will naturally look better and light up your eyes and face and others will drain you and add shadow to your skin. Over time I will try my best to explain to you colour theory and what colours work best on you. Obviously not everyone can dress like a rainbow or will want to. But for me it works perfectly. Natalie is a rainbow. That is a fact.

You will all probably think that because I am colourful then that means I am extremely confident. When in actual fact it is the complete opposite. I wear bright and vibrant colours, clashing prints and the most eccentric items because they draw attention to my outfit and not me. Colour makes me comfortable, it is my comfort blanket. It probably sounds strange as a lot of people wear all black they feel like they blend in, whereas for me if I wear all black or white I have never felt more self conscious. I feel really exposed, I would actually rather wear a teeny bikini than all black. When I wear it I feel like my personality is all drained from me and I am just not me. Does that even make sense or do I sound like a raging loony, either way it is the way I feel.

Now you all understand a little bit about me and why I wear colour and how it makes me feel you might understand my madness a little bit more. To be honest though I don’t think you will ever or I will ever understand me and the reasons as to why I am super quirky and individual. But hey, it was a great idea to start to explain it all right?

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