They often say that when a woman changes her hair she is going to change her life. I don’t know who they are either but I have to say it is true! New me, new job, new outlook on life, new car, might as well throw in some new hair too! Well, maybe not new hair, hair that has been hidden under inches and inches of hair extensions. One day last month I had a brain wave. Why am I always putting hair extensions in? Who told me I had to have long hair? To be honest I have always had long hair. Always. Well apart from the time when I thought I would be really clever and cut my hair myself. Yes. I put it in a ponytail and just chopped away. Needless to say I was dragged to the hairdressers hours later to sort it out, which resulted in a bob. Why did I do that? The biggest mistake, but at least I learnt from it. Never cut your own hair!

So back to hair extension gate. If I am honest I hated how thin and fine my hair was and the added fact that my hair is now so much shorter than it has ever been due to my own stupidity from constantly curling and heat damaging my hair.

Then it dawned on me. If it just the thickness of my hair and texture that was bothering me. So why didn’t I embrace my natural hair, clip in my extensions and cut them in? So that is exactly what I have done and I love it. I love my new hair. It makes me look so much more grown up and I actually love that it no longer gets knotted all the time and I find myself constantly brushing it.

As soon as I cut them in, styled my hair and looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t recognise myself to start with. It was like I was looking at someone else, but after a few minutes I loved it. It was a huge change but a very welcome change. Everything in life happens for a reason. Not that I would recommend everyone to break their hair within an inch of its life but I was meant to do it. I was meant to eventually have short hair. Fate and all that. If I hadn’t of damaged my hair I think I would have continued to have long mermaid hair forever. This isn’t saying that I will never go back, because let’s be honest in a few months I might be eating my words but for now I love it.

If things don’t change they will stay the same and if you don’t push yourself to do things then how do you know there might not be something out there better and bigger for you. Or in my case shorter and shorter. You have to try things!

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