When I started my blog over three years ago now, I never had a plan, a goal, a target a “I would like to be here in a few years”. I set it up because I wanted a place on the internet where I could write whatever I wanted to, no one could tell me my opinions were wrong, I could log all my outfits, my make up choices, or any random things I wanted to. A place where it was okay to be different and to be myself. A place where it would be cool to be ginger, cool to be colourful.

So the fact that over fourteen thousand of you want to join me on my colourful journey is crazy to me, absolutely mental but it is something I am extremely proud of and wouldn’t of dreamt of in my wildest dreams. So wow and thank you all.

Every amazing occasion and milestone deserves a celebration, and all celebrations should in my opinion involve cake. It is the best thing about birthdays, well apart from the presents. But you cannot have a birthday without a cake. So how could I hit 14k followers without a cake? A cake that has me all over it. Literally.

How cute is this cake? I told you it had me literally all over it. All the colour and an amazing photo. I love it. The best thing is that it has come directly to me through the post. No queuing, no stress of finding a parking space and a great suprise idea for gifts and celebrations for friends. Who would not want a mini cake in the post to wake up to on their birthday? I know I would love it.

The cakes are so easy to create through the Bakerdays website. In just a few clicks an amazing gift can be created. Whatever the occasion they have the perfect cake for you to gift. It isn’t just celebration cakes though, they offer balloons too and all your surprise gift needs. They come in a variety of flavours, there are even gluten and dairy free options, making them perfect for everyone. As someone who is dairy intolerant this is huge for me, as normally I can not eat my own birthday cake- it has been known and it was torturing. Believe me! Bakerdays is a win win all around from me!

After it’s appearance is obviously the taste. We have all been there when you love the look of the cake, you’ve weighted up the calories and whether you can justify that extra half an hour at the gym, bitten into it and man was it not worth the calories, especially with dairy free cakes. But I can confirm the cake was DELICIOUS. Perfectly moist, the icing was to die for and it was light and fluffy. So much so that I might of had to have more than one slice! Now that is when you know it is a good cake!

Bakerdays Website

Bakerdays Instagram

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