As you all know I love travelling to different countries, seeing the world and chasing new adventures. I probably love it just as much as I love fashion. So where was I off to next?

Chris and I knew we wanted to go away for his birthday, but did not know where we wanted to go, all we knew was that we wanted the sun. There is no better feeling than when you step off the plane and the heat just hits you. So into google we typed “The best Europe city break” and up came Barcelona. Yeah, Barcelona. I have never been to Spain, so let’s go there. Decision made. In less than six weeks we were off.

We flew from Stansted, so it was nearby. No long journeys, the flight was only two and a half hours long, so went by in a breeze. So many reasons as to why Barcelona is now my favourite cities that you will work out more and more as to why in this post.

It is amazing how much you can do in one city in five days. I feel like we need a holiday after the holiday. Site seeing, lazing on the beach, eating out weight in tapas and of course the highlight, going up in the sky!

So for Chris’s birthday I needed to make it special. It was the first one we have spent together and it was just us two for it. My birthday we had been together about three months and I had already booked my trip to Marrakech, so he had it easy. This birthday the pressure was on. I had to make it special, memorable and to let him know just how much he meant to me whilst making some amazing memories together. So what else would you do other than book a hot air balloon over Spain? It is the obvious answer right?

Chris was so nervous, as I had left it as a surprise but dropped the hints that we might be sky diving, to test the waters of how he would deal with heights. I think he wouldn’t mind for me to tell you all, man was he nervous. He does not like heights, but I figured it was something we could both deal with together, I mean it is not like climbing however thousand feet and pushing yourself out of a plane. We went up slowly, calmly and saw the beautiful Spanish city from the sky. The trip lasted around two hours and I enjoyed every second of it, as did Chris. Once we landed on the ground we then had a traditional Spanish breakfast and wine, all before 9am. What a way to celebrate the start of your birthday? No pressure for my birthday now Chris!

This holiday we really have made some memories, in the evening we then visited the W hotel for dinner and drinks. I had heard so much about it so there was only really one option as to where I was going to take Chris for his birthday. We had the best cocktails I have ever had, with the best views, and of course the best company. The view was insane, the whole of the Barcelona seafront was before your very eyes, as we watched the sun go down it was perfect. If you ever go to Barcelona you need to go. If we were to go back to Barcelona again I would spend a day there, the pool looked amazing, there were countless restaurants and bars and shops. It was outstanding.

Whilst we were in Barcelona we also did all the tourist spots, Las Ramblas, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batlló. Barcelona is an amazing city. Some of the buildings did not look real, it was so surreal. We also walked down one of the most expensive roads in Barcelona. Believe me it was hard not to spend money, but I resisted. Plus I still have to show you all what I recently bought from my trip to Bicester! The wealth was incredible. Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Ferrarris, driving around like they were Fiat 500s, it was a whole different world.

We did a lot of walking though, I will say that. One day I think we walked about twenty miles, but it was worth it as there was so much to see. When you visit a city it is so important to make the most of it, and do as much as you can. Such a marvellous and diverse city, one second you are on the beach listening to the waves, the next you are in the cultural spots and then turn the corner and you are next to the graffiti art walls. It has everything that you would want from a city and more. Without a doubt the best city I have visited by far.

I love a gimic and trying things at least once, those funny memories and stories are the best kind of stories aren’t they. The crazy impulse things you do on the spur of the moment. So I am sure you have all heard of the Ice bars? They are normally bars behind a regular bar that is full of ice- DUH! So imagine this, we are having dinner, walking along the beach after to walk to a bar in 30 degree heat at 10pm at night, what else would you do to start of the night other than going from the heat you have been searching for into minus fifteen degrees. It is common sense right? Well our sense anyway. We don’t like to be normal. Normal is boring! Weird is wonderful. One thing I didn’t factor in was the fact I was wearing a dress and Chris had shorts on. Yes, both of us, bare legs in that temperature, very sensible! Or not in my case. I think we lasted about twenty minutes and then that was it. Enough time for a drink, take a photo and to say we had done it. Ticked it off the bucket list. Plus look at these coats, I really wanted one, I mean everyone needs a silver puffa jacket in their wardrobe don’t they? One of those has definitely been added to my “to buy” list for sure.

The food in Barcelona was amazing. I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish so I basically lived on seafood paella, patatas bravas and garlic prawns which was no hardship believe me. I love Spanish food, it is one of my favourites. Sometimes a big meal can seem overwhelming so it is nice to have bits and pieces. It is like a Spanish Christmas buffet really isn’t it.

If you are looking for a short city break that offers you great food, great weather, great beach, tourist spots, spots for shopping, amazing night life all in Europe then Barcelona is the best place I have ever visited. You all need to go!

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