I have had the best Summer ever. I have never crammed so many things into a few months and as busy as it was but I honestly couldn’t be happier about it. Concerts, events and my favourite thing of all festivals! I have never been a Summer person, much more of a Winter girl, but I have to admit I think I am converted. Fully converted. I have to say though cosy nights in front of the sofa under a blanket binging on box sets does sound amazing right now.. but no Summer Summer festivals, events and of course Summer fashion.

Sundown festival invited me this year to join them and I had the best time. As I walked around I realised more and more that I loved everyone’s outfits. But I didn’t enjoy them because they were perfect for a festival. I loved them because I would wear them everyday. Which got me thinking.. do I dress for a festival everyday? Maybe I do….. and I love it!

I think when it comes to festival fashion we are all much braver to dress crazy, be more colourful, more “out there”, more experimental than we would be in our daily lives. I am not saying we should all dress like we are at a festival everyday but it would be great for everyone to inherit a little bit of that couragiousness into our daily wardrobe.

Some of the outfits I have seen at festivals are a lot more extra than even I would. Maybe I am getting older I look at things differently but I like to be crazy with prints and patterns and not with getting as much skin as I can out. Maybe that is age! Short short days are well behind me I think. I mean, I have far too much cellulite for that anyway! I will leave it to the younger girls who still have everything where it used to be and do not need the need for airbrush! haha.

I wish I could wear festival fashion everyday. Oh wait, I probably do. I mean, the two festivals I have been to this year I would wear each of the outfits on a normal Tuesday. I probably wouldn’t wear the glitter- based on the fact it is a nightmare to get off and honestly I haven’t got time for that. At all. Plus I think it would take the sparkle of wearing glitter away ( I didn’t even plan that pun- it just happened!).

I love colour, festival fashion is colour. I love being different, festival fashion is all about being different. I love clashing prints and textures, festival fashion is all about clashing prints and textures. Lastly I love standing out, festival fashion is all about standing out. So as a summary. I think it is true. I need to come to the fact and accept it. I dress like I am going to a festival every single day and that is absolutely fine!

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