Okay, so there are many things I love about Autumn and Winter. I mean we are going to watch the light switch on tomorrow, going to see lots and lots of Christmas themed occasions but I am not that much of a fan of that 4pm hit of extremely cold and frankly a little too much too soon for me.

However I do love the cosiness that a jumper brings, nothing beats that feeling of when you are super cold, pull up your sleeves over your hands and snuggle in to that extra thick fabric. Ahhh yes! Although I have to put something out there, however much I love layering up and trying different patterns and prints together and trying different combinations. I still think that however many layers that I pile onto myself I am still cold. Even too much is not enough. I worry that it is going to get colder and colder and that I am really not ready for the depths of winter. Especially when we are off to Paris in January, I am going to really struggle I think..But hey, it just means that I need to learn to layer like a proffesional. Googles how to layer effectively!

I do love Winter more than Summer, actually do I? It is an even keel I think. Summer is so much fun, festivals, events, beach days, whereas Winter has Christmas Markets, Christmas and MY BIRTHDAY! So each season has its benefits, but equally negatives, I don’t like being too hot or too cold. Typical me never happy!

Jumpers come in so many different styles which probably makes it one of the most versatile items you can buy, especially in the Winter. Roll necks, long sleeves, bell sleeves, turtle necks, sweatshirts. So a simple jeans and jumper outfit doesn’t have to be simple. Plus do not think that just because it is Winter that you have to wear black. Oh no no my friend. Definitely no black here. AT ALL.

The more I am writing this I feel like my opinion is changing, jumpers are not that bad. I just need to adapt. Learn to dress for style and substance and warmth all over again. I have done it 26 times before so I am sure I can take it on, no problem. Natalie. You got this!

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