I love hats. They are probably my favourite accessory. Mainly because I have a few bad hair days I would like to cover up and sometimes I just can not be bothered to curl or straighten my hair so a hat is a great option. Plus of course it adds even more colour to my outfit which you can never have enough of in my eyes!

I have to admit I have a lot of hats in my wardrobe, and I wear all of them. I love adding a hat to a look. Plus I have to admit I am now getting older as I do actually feel the heat benefit from a hat too. I can hear my mum come out of my mouth as I say that. But it is true. Wearing a hat I used to think was such a bold move, but now it is just a hat. I think a lot of people think that hats can make a lot of people uncomfortable, but once you have worn them once I think that fear disappears straight away. Even the first time I wore this bobby dazzler I was a bit worried as to what people would think, but do you know what? I love it, so what does it matter what anyone else thinks of what I wear? It doesn’t!

This hat is from Asos and I am in love. They do it in a few different colourways but this one stood out to me. When I said to Chris I was going to get a fluffy bucket hat he was like “Erm. OKay, Don’t know what that will look like, but I am sure you will pull it off!” However encouraging he thought he was being I could tell he was a bit more than a little optomistic. He often looks at things I buy and thinks “Well I don’t think anyone else will be wearing the same as you!” But when I style it out he is always full of compliments. Well except on a few occasions!!! But I will wear it anyway! Nothing stops me.

This hat goes with everything in my wardrobe. I feel like now my hair is shorter that I need to be more adventurous with the way I style it. I mean, when you have longer hair you can put it up in so many ways, ponytails, buns, messy up dos. Whereas now it is either straight or curly or when they drop out wavy. I am at that point with it now where I just want to shove it up out of the way. But I can’t, and yes it is frustrating but I will get there. It will grow and look a million times more healthy than it was before. Just keep thinking that and it will all be worth it. Anyway, back to hats. I feel that adding a hat makes things a bit more interesting and exciting. Which we all need! I get really bored quickly, so a hat is a super easy and quick way of making looks a little bit different. Everyone needs something a bit more interesting every now and again and the purple bucket hat of dreams is just what every wardrobe is craving!

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