2019 has been a blast. Literally have never managed to do so many things in a year. If I look back (I know this is a typical thing to say btw!) but so many things have changed in my life. So many things have changed, I have changed. One thing that has not changed is my love of fashion and clothes. That is still as strong as ever!!!

It is only natural at the end of the year to look back and think about what you have achieved, what you have done or in my case what I have worn and what has stood out for me. So this is this years outfit of the year round up. Are you ready? Cause I am!!!

Let’s kick off things with the little red dress! Now this is the cutest dress I own and it is adorable. I now buy clothes based on longevity, I used to buy things to only wear for one occasion, not anymore. I need to see it in different seasons styled differently, in different scenerio’s or I end up with so many once worn items that my wardrobe is full of. This dress goes perfectly with chunky boots and tights now, but in the summer I am going to wear it with sandals and a cute denim jacket for those lazy summer days!

Next is the most stand out outfit of the year. I love this dress more than anything! It is stunning! Easily one of the most amazing pieces in my wardrobe! It was the dress that I wore to Ladies day at Newmarket Races. Honestly finding this dress, well a dress that I fell in love with wasn’t easy but boy was it worth it! I felt like a complete princess all day long. I wanted something that was fitted, flowy and showed off my legs and this ticked all the boxes. And the colour. Wow wow and wow!!! I very rarely say this but I honestly can not wait to wear this dress again, I just need an occasion… must find occasion!

Summer dresses, oh pretty summer dresses. Aren’t you just the cutest little things!! This has to be one of my favourite dresses and it was a complete bargain, which makes it even better! I love the colours, the fit, the length, the ruffles. Oh I feel super girly when I wear this, and when that happens you just want to wear it all the time! I don’t often feel super girly. I do have rather tomboy side to my style, but there are days when I want to feel girly and this little beauty is perfect for those days. I loved teaming it with denim skirts over the top and converse, it is perfect for those super laid back days where you want to be comfortable and cool. This was a go to all summer long!

Okay, now this is my favourite of favourite Summer dresses and again it was in the sale. I love the prints, come on does it get anymore Ginger Natalie than this dress? It fitted me like a glove and was so perfect. I felt super glamorous is it, and kept grabbing for it. I feel like there is a running theme to these favourites, everything that makes me feel girly, so maybe I should dress more girly and less tomboy. Hmmmm that is something to think about for 2020 for sure!

Animal print is always a great option and the fact there is two types of animal print means it is even more damn amazing! Also think I glossed over the fact that it has a neon, yes neon green animal print skirt. That is all. It was perfect and I can’t wait to wear it again next Summer!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. My favourite festival outfit of the year. I realised this Summer that I dress everyday like it is a festival! Now that was a revelation in itself. I love these snake wide print trousers were so comfy and made me look taller, so that is a win win on so many levels. I then teamed them with a bodysuit that was so perfect to go with the trousers and then covered and I mean covered myself in glitter. It isn’t a festival unless there is a serious amount of glitter involved is it? I think we all have to agree that bumbag is literally festival goals. Who knew you could carry around everything you need and have your hands free. What a great idea. Who knew? Well I do now! And it is sparkly. I am a magpie. This is normal for me!

Omg this skirt. It makes this look pop. Rainbow, check and pleats. Yes you are all perfect. I am in love! Another new thing I am obsessed with at the moment are tights. I flipping love them, they look cute, add personality and they keep you warm. Why did I write them off before? Why? Oh yeah I remember, it is because I am so short they are basically an all in one suit, but hey if they make me look this cute I will just have to accept that downside. I love breaking the boundaries of fashion and that everyone thinks that you have to wear blacks, browns and darker colours in the Winter. Oh no not this girl. I want all the colour, all year around! This outfit proves that you can wear colour in the winter and stand out from the crowd. She says and then everyone will start wearing colour and my brand will be over. But hey, let’s take the risk!

Lastly is another one of my favourite items of the year that I haven’t taken off since I bought it. The Burberry mac of dreams!!!!

Have you honestly ever seen a more perfect item, actually you have as you have all seen it a million times, a million ways on my feed but hey I love it and I will not apologise. It brightens up every look with ease, adds an extra layer- this girl loves a layered look and just looks bloody phenomenal. Great investment for sure.

2019 you have been a blast. So many looks, so many great outfits that I can not wait to wear again next year. I can not wait to see what this year holds. So many amazing items I am yet to know I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT IN MY WARDROBE!

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