As I write this I am in my last week of being 27. I always get extremely reflective when my birthday approaches. A lot more than I do at new year. It is only natural to feel this way. One thing that doesn’t change every year is my passion for finding the perfect outfit for the occasion! This sparkly little number is perfect and from Femme Luxe, click here to shop more from them.

For the past few years I have felt alot like I am “behind” compared to a lot of people my age. I mean, I don’t have a house, children, a “secure conventional” job, all things that make you feel make you a “grown up”. But I then have to remind myself that everyone does things differently, at different rates and that is okay. I have never been like anyone else. I have always done things my own unique way so I suppose I can not expect to be any other way when it comes to living my life.

But let’s be honest, everyone is different and at different stages and that is more than okay because if the world was all the same it wouldn’t be the world. I have accomplished things others wouldn’t and haven’t and I have to remind myself of that. I have put myself out there on the internet and made a brand for myself. I finally know who I am as a person, I have developed my own sense of style, I know where I want to be and what my goals are for the next year. Everything else will happen when it is ready to happen. Trust that when it is meant to happen it will happen. You’ve just got to make memories to cherish forever everyday.

The past year I have made so many amazing memories, I have grown so much as a person and changed into a more rounded person who finally believes in herself and her abilities. Also my fashion sense has grown. I have developed my own sense of style that I am unappolagetic for. I am who I am and that is something that comes with age. I mean when I was younger I hated my hair, hated that I was different to everyone else but now it is one thing I really love about myself, that I am ginger and I love colour! After all that’s why you are all reading this and follow me! If I was like everyone else I wouldn’t stand out. Embrace who you are and all of your querks! They make you the one off that you are!

I am going to be 28 in a matter of days, when I was younger that sounded so old. So grown up. So old. But now I am days away from that day I feel like that is not old at all. I still feel like I am a 15 year old. I don’t think I will ever grow up though to be honest. I still want to cover the world in glitter and treat it like a fairy tale. Everything should be sparkly and happy and full of colour most importantly!!

So really 28 years old isn’t that bad if you feel like you are 15 inside. Well that is until the wrinkles start showing up and you start looking older. Then we might have to start looking into things a little more. Or maybe just crack open some botox to make me look the age I feel. But hey right now 28 isn’t that bad! Let’s see how I feel at my next birthday….

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