I am not normally one to go for trends but I am IN LOVE with the latest trend of huge sleeves. If you like adding drama into your style then this is a trend for you too! Do my sleeves look good in this? I really hope so! The bigger the better!

I love the polka dots too. Aren’t they just adorable! I am well and truly in the mood for Paris now, I am definitely channeling my inner parisian in this look, that beret is screaming Paris! Oh Paris tourist, I mean do Parisians even wear berets? Who knows! But I love them! I am beyond excited for Paris and this look has got me even more excited! I have all my outfits planned, I can not wait for you all to see them and the content I have planned. I feel like I am fully in my mojo now and I finally have found who I am!

I always thought that as I love colour so much that I would not be able to wear a monochrome look and fall in love with it but I have. It is probably one of my favourite looks so far this year! With the pop of red from the hat I felt really chic and fashionista. It is so funny how as soon as you wear something that makes you feel confident you wear it more and your whole mood changes, but that is the power of fashion and just how amazing it is.

The sleeves are obviously all of the drama in this look but I also love the buttons, they are so cute with little diamontes on. This shirt is going to get so much wear I can feel it. It is perfect for date nights, girls nights or just occasions where a basic tee and jean combo is just not going to cut it!

For my make up I went very simple and grown up- a little chic I thought! Who is this Natalie? Has she finally grown up? No, don’t be silly! I am going to disney for my 28th birthday. There is nothing grown up about that!

A red lip is my favourite thing right now. Like FAVOURITE!!!! I used to be such a nude lip kinda girl but I love the power and statement look of a red lip. It is so strong and looks amazing with a simple brown smokey eye which I keep going for time after time at the moment. Maybe this is me growing up. Slowly!!! I think you will agree the red of the hat along with the red lip looks POWER! That is one strong look for my first look of 2020! Bring on the next look, I can tell you now it will probably include even more sleeves. The bigger the better!

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