This girl loves a puff sleeve. I just can not keep away from them. They make me happy, they make me smile and they make me look and feel ultra feminine which is exactly why I keep going back to them time and time again! Why wouldn’t you? If it makes you look and feel great then why would you put it to the back of your closet to never see daylight again? You wouldn’t. You wear it and wear it and wear it until it falls apart. I feel like these sleeves came into my life exactly when I needed them to and now I honestly do not know what I wore before them! That is when you are onto a new thing for sure!

Off the shoulder necklines are one of my favourites because they are so sexy. Not saying that I am sexy, I definitely would never describe myself as that but I feel good in them. I feel like there is something about an exposed shoulder. Okay Natalie move on, you sound like a looney!

The purple of this top is initially what drove me to it. Isn’t it stunning. It actually reminds me of Summer. I miss Summer. Actually do I? I miss Summer fashion but I love layering. Plus my birthday is in January so I have to like the Winter for that and Christmas alone really! But Summer colours excite me is what I am trying to say and this colour excites me! I am very rambly today, what’s happened to me. Maybe I am hungry. Food……

The sleeves on this top are so cute. I love the ruffle detailing which you can make more puffy or less puffy depending on how you would like it, depending on how much drama you are feeling. The ties are satin too which gives that extra touch of something special. It would be perfect for those jeans and nice top dress code moments our lives seem to be full of to which we never have anything that looks right. Now we do! This little bobby dazzler!!

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