Last weekend I visited the most magical place in the whole world for my 28th birthday. Yes I am a child. Yes I am a big kid. No I will never grow up. After all Peter Pan said it is a trap, so what better evidence do you need to not do it?

Disney has always had a huge place in my heart. I have the fondest memories visiting Orlando as a child. Meeting all the characters and going on all the rides, the parades, it is a place of huge excitement. So where else would I spend my birthday. I love birthdays, they are so much fun and a day to do exactly what you love doing. However I have to admit that this year didn’t necessarily feel like a birthday. Now that is a sign that I am getting old isn’t it? DAMN!

As soon as you step in the Parks you feel like a child, you feel happy and feel like the 5 year old you again. It was so much bigger than I remember. It is always a bit hit or miss when you go back to somewhere you visited as a child. Will it be as good as before? Will you have outgrown it? The answer was NO!!! It was just as magical, if not even more magical than before. I was braver to do more, to go on more things, to not be worried to try new things, and to be more confident. It was a whole different experience and even more magical. I can say that I actually went on the rides, I mean the big rides, not the teacups. I WENT ON HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN. I am an adult. Okay, I did have my eyes closed for it the whole way around, but I did it. I even got the photo to prove it. I am super duper proud of myself even if I do say so.

On my actual birthday I spent the morning having breakfast with the Disney characters- yes pancakes with a side of Mickey and Minnie is exactly how you should spend your 28th birthday. It was magical, I felt like a little kid all over again overflowing with excitement. Then we went onto the adult tourist side of Paris, wandering around all the landmarks and even getting a characature drawn. I’ve always wanted one but was too scared incase they made me look awful. Our one was very generous and made us both look at least 5 times better looking than we are. So thank you!

Top tips when it comes to Disneyland Paris

Book early! We managed to get our tickets for under half the price they should have been purely because we booked nearly five months in advance. If you know you want to go then book, book and book!!!!

Wake up early! I know this sounds simple and silly but if you are like us and stayed in the Disney Parks then it is worth making the most of those magic hours. Everywhere is so much more peaceful and you don’t have to queue (as long) as you would if you waited until later in the day.

Get a meal plan! I think that most places if you stay in the Disney hotels you are offered a meal plan of some description. You may think it is a con to pay to upgrade to the next one, but I kind of wish we had. We were on the plus meal plan which had around 8 places to eat included on it but a lot of those were closed due to the time of the year so it would have been better to upgrade and get more of a variety of food. We were both fed up of burgers after just 3 days so if you are there for longer it could get to the point by where you end up paying anyway just for variety. The wild west show was included in our meal plan though which was the best night we had by a mile!

Go to the Wild West Show! Hands down the best evening we had. It was so much fun from start to finish. Think country and western and mickey combined with amazing food and drink and that is it. Honestly 10/10 could not recommend it enough!

Download Libertine App! The characters very rarely walk around anymore you have to book slots with them to avoid disappointment. You have to be on the app as soon as the booking slot becomes available but then you are given a time slot and reminders nearer the time so you are able to wander around the park until your slot, see you favourite character and carry on without having to wait hours in a queue which I think is a great idea!

Book the character breakfast! We had so much fun at ours! I remember doing a character breakfast when I was about 10 and loved every moment because you got to spend more time with the characters and had the best breakfast. So when it came to what I would like to do on my 28th birthday I had to have breakfast with the characters again. I mean, it has to be the only way surely? We met Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet and had the best time, made some amazing memories and got some awesome photos for the photo album!

See the parades and illumination show in the evening! Both were phenomenal and outstanding. I always remember sitting on the sides of the pavement waiting for the parades to start as a kid being super excited to see my favourite characters from all the films. The floats are amazing and pieces of art in their own right and the illumination show in the evening is out of this world and just genius. It is the only way to describe it. Just go and see it and you’ll thank me later.

Turn off notifications on your phone and just take photos! Both Chris and I are self employeed so really struggle when it comes to turning our phones off and not working. But this holiday I decided to set the rule of not being on our phones unless it was to take a photo. Believe me it did us both the world of good. Sometimes you just need a detox. Time away from your phone to enjoy the moment you are in. Disney was a place that makes that so easy. It is so easy to get lost in the magic of it all and not even feel the need to go on your phone. I mean no one else is going to! You’re in Disneyland! ENJOY IT.

Lastly be a kid! Wear everything Disney. However how tacky you think it might be embrace it. I like to think of it as festival fashion but disneyfied. All the colour, all the wackiness with a bit of Mickey Mouse thrown in for good luck!

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