Being self employed it is sometimes really hard to motivate yourself, and when you are lacking in inspiration it can be really hard to to pick it up again. But man have I picked mine up again and I couldn’t be happier. It is only natural to struggle with things sometimes and to find new ways to be creative, and since coming back from Disneyland I felt like any other content I created just didn’t have the same wow factor. I mean, it is hard to match the amazingness of disney. It is just magical. So recently I have delved into my creativity after taking a slight step back and now I am ready to rumble again.

I knew I really wanted to up my game in the instagram world and wanted to be more creative with things. I didn’t want to just take numerous shots after shots of me standing in roads and in front of houses, that wasn’t what I “liked” on Instagram so why would anyone “like” my content if I didn’t like it myself?

It is important like with anything to mix things up, try new things to get yourself excited and enthusiastic again, so that is exactly what I did. I tried something new with my fashion, my style and the way I normally dress. It is so much easier in the Summer to dress. It is all pretty little dresses, skirts and shorts but in the Winter it is thick jumpers, jeans and leather trousers. I have two sides to my personality. I am an extremely girly girl, I love pink and sparkle and getting all glammed up and really making an effort but then I also love nothing more than throwing on a hoodie and jeans for added warmth. Especially with all the dark colours that are around at the moment and the cold air it is hard to get too excited about dressing glamorously when whatever you wear has to be covered up in a big old thick coat and for no one to actually see. It is frustrating to say the least!

So when I get the chance to get all glammed up and to be super girly then that is what I will do. I will grab this chance and show the world exactly what I have and what I actually fought so hard and worked so hard to be. Find me those green metallic heels, my new blue satin dress and a layer of fake tan. I’m back!!!!!

Isn’t it so funny how as soon you put a pair of heels on your feet, a slinky satin dress on and instantly you feel like a million dollars! Now that is a super power in itself! I love this dress so much. It isn’t something I would normally go for but it was the colour that drew me in. Isn’t it stunning!!!

Another thing that drew me to this dress was the neckline. I don’t own anything else like this and that makes it even more special. I am not a jewellery person really either so I feel like this neckline works perfectly as it is not something I would normally try but proves the fact that you should try more out of your comfort zone as you never know what you might find and actually love!

For accessories I went for these two beautiful little hair clips, I love these so much. One good thing that has come from me having to have my hair cut short is the fact that I now love hair clips, they add a little extra personality without it being too blingy and in your face.

I think you will agree this outfit is the perfect way to kick off the new month in style. Hello new Natalie, you’re a work in progress but you’re smashing it and you’re new dress is so pretty!

Photography Chris Harvey Visuals

Dress Femme Luxe

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