Now you all know by now that this girl loves colour! The more the merrier in my opinion. I just love it, and no I haven’t got a favourite colour before you ask. That is like me asking who is your favourite child. It depends on who is being good at that particular time or in my case what season it is. But ultimately I love them all equally!

So baring this in mind I love wearing as many as I can at once one of my favourite things to do is layer. It gives me the opportunity to wear as many colours, patterns and textures as possible. I have only recently started to enjoy this style. Since I bought this rainbow long sleeve top I haven’t looked back. At all.

Being a redhead (yes this is scientific) we really struggle with the cold. As soon as the temperature drops I feel it. Which is another reason why I LOVE layering. Not only does it let me add colour and texture it also keeps me so much warmer. Win. Win. Layering your favourite tee with a long sleeve new addition also gives it a new lease of life, so that it isn’t forgotten about in the Winter months which t shirts often can as jumpers are always at the forefront let’s be honest.

These two tops look perfect together and like they were made for each other. All of the colour, all of the rainbow, all of the smiles! This is the perfect way of dressing on those casual days where you want to look fashionable, trendy and also feel comfortable. Especially teamed with jeans and trainers. It is my go to look that I go for most Sundays.

My long sleeve top and t shirt collections are definitely going to start growing, but I feel like this is going to be a way of styling that I will keep going for time and time again. I may have just ordered another in between writing this blog post, but hey a girl who loves fashion is going to have to continue to add to her wardrobe right? I think so anyway! I am really bored of jumpers now, I want to try something new and this way of dressing is the new I have been craving for. Look at that smile on my face. That is how happy it has made me!


Long Sleeve Top

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