Valentines day is one of my favourite days. I JUST LOVE LOVE. That is it. I am such a romantic it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There is nothing better than feeling loved. It has taken me a long time to find my perfect match but now I have found him I can tell you now it was worth the wait, all the horrific dates and people thinking I was weird and strange and that I should be more “normal” when you find the right one they accept you for you, your weirdness and that is the best thing in the world.

Like everyone always says ” When you know you know” and ” You have to be in the right place at the right time and then you will meet that perfect match for you when you least expect it”. I have to say I now add myself into that demographic. I did not expect to meet my boyfriend under a bypass on the a47 after being single for fours years, in all honesty I had given up all hope, but it happened. Certainly not the most glamourous of starts but it was our start and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I needed a photographer for a shoot, I had followed Chris for a while on social media, there was the right amount of “hey, i’m here” likes on instagram posts and thought after months of no aveil that I needed a photographer and his work was amazing so I booked him. The truth be told the morning of the shoot I didn’t even want to go. But I did and it was the best decision I have ever made. We got on amazingly, he was even more beautiful in person and after the shoot and after what felt like the longest couple of weeks in the world that he asked me on a date. The rest is history. I am now one of those gushing couples who is filed with so much love that wants to show the world!

With Valentines day here I feel like there is only one colour to wear. Red. Obviously. I was once told that redheads couldn’t wear red. I strongly disagree it is one of my favourite colours to wear all year around and it makes me very happy every time!

This little number is the perfect day to night dress that works perfectly whatever the occasion whilst being super flattering. That is when you know you’ve added a great new item to your wardrobe.

The neckline is so girly and cute and the puffball shoulers. I am in love. It is not like me to wear a fitted bodycon dress but this dress is just the perfect fit and i love the cute and super girly skirt. It is adorable. Along with the polka dots I have never felt more girly than I do in this dress.

I’ve teamed it with some hair clips to add a little bit of interest as you know me, I can’t just do one colour, there has to be a little bit of something extra. Hair accessories are mt new favourite thing. My hair is finally at a length that I like. Wahoo!! I went for one large pearl hair clip and two rose gold ones. This is my favourite way to do hair clips, layer them up and to add different textures.

For make up I went for a classic winged eyeliner look with a touch of green and sparkle and a neutral lip. This lip combo is my favourite right now. Whirl lipstick with Auburn lipliner both from MAC. It is the perfect lip and one I go to for everyday when I want something that will last all day long and not need a great deal of touching up. This is it.


Whirl Lipstick

Auburn Lipliner

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