I am not one for trends normally. Unless the trend is retro, vintage or all of the colour then I wear what I like when I like. But there is one trend I have bought into that I love.

I am influenced by my favourite bloggers as much as I influence other people. We all see other people wearing other things and like the way they look and invisage them in our heads as to how they would look on us. It is normal. One trend that everyone else has been wearing and I had to get my hands on- although I am clear it is not perfect for the current weather. Hello thunder storm that is happening outside my window as we speak, but as it gets warmer this shacket will be perfect.

I love layering it is one of my favourite things to do. It gives you a real chance to mix and match prints, textures and shapes together to create something truly unique and that is what I love. Shackets are perfect for adding a light layer over any look you want to create. Shacket meaning a shirt and jacket hybrid, but I am sure you all got that.

I am normally one for wearing all the colour all at once but there was something about this shacket that I just had to have. I figured if I was making a bold move by following the trend I might as well go for a shade that I wouldn’t normally either. Don’t worry I am still wearing all the colour, and colour is what flatters my skin tone the most so as long as I am wearing that next to my skin then it will work perfectly for my complexion. Something to bear in mind when styling. If it doesn’t suit you but you love it then you can still wear it just not directly touching your skin! Top tip right there.

I wanted to layer the shacket with a green check long sleeve top. I bought this from Primark a couple of months ago and I am addicted. I now love long sleeve tops. They are perfect for layering in the colder months and as we slowly get into Spring they will be the perfect hybrid for when we no longer have to wear coats to cover everything up. Checks are a great way of adding pattern into a look without having to go all over floral. The green compliments the sand colour of the shacket and gives a real earthy tone to the look.

As this is a casual Sunday look I went for jeans that are in a light wash as to really add emphasis to the top half of my outfit. I am in love with this look. I love jeans they are such a classic staple that you need to own in your wardrobe. Be it day or night they are great for when you want to dress up but don’t fancy wearing a dress.

Finished it all off with gold accessories. It had to be my gucci belt. I mean I honestly haven’t taken it off since I bought it a few years ago. Then I went for my new necklace that I love. I’ve never been a necklace person, I don’t really have a lot of jewellery, I am more into staple pieces that go with everything, not cosmetic jewellery. This necklace is perfect. I have been after a inital necklace for ages and it was a point of finding the perfect one for me and I have found it. It is so laid back and classic and that is why I love it.

Shacket Femme Luxe

Top Primark

Necklace Louis Vuitton

Jeans Femme Luxe

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