Comfort is key at the moment, I love feeling cosy and that I can do anything. When Spring officially hits I am sure that I will opt for dresses and fitted tops and skirts but for now I just want to be comfortable, and the more oversized the better! In fact I love oversized!

Being petite oversized items used to be things that I would avoid like the plague. I thought they would make me look bigger, drown me and not make the best of my figure. When actually if you style it correctly oversized items can be extremely flattering and comfortable. Who knew!!!

A brand that I love right now is Truffle Shuffle. I am addicted. I find myself scrolling at least every couple of days at the new in section as it is the most nostalgic and fun place on the internet. TV programmes, films and games you used to watch and play, on merchandise. Can it get any better? I don’t think so! Which is exactly where I found this jumper of love!

Lilac is a colour that isn’t really in the shops at the moment but that is probably one of the reasons why I love it. Plus it is a colour that makes me happy and super girly!

Purple always looks amazing with denim too, proper spring vibes. What is not to love. I love when all the pastel colours come out for Spring time. Being happier in the Summer comes down to a few factors, the sun, a bbq as soon as there is a gathering of more than one person, and all of the colour. Colour makes us happier, which is exactly why I love wearing it. With all that is going on in the world right now I know for a fact that everyone would be happier- even if just for a little bit, if we all just wore a little bit more colour. If I was prime minister I would make it compulsory to wear at least one colour every single day.

There is something about pastels that makes my inner child come out. Not that is that deep down to be honest. Hence the super adult water bottle that I have attached to my arms! Yes Amazon child foldable bottle in a pastel rainbow. Hello 2.8 year old, sorry 28!

One thing I also love, as you all know is mixing and matching prints. So obviously I had to add another print to the look, hello dalmation lookalike coat of dreams! I think not only adding another texture and pattern to the look it also adds a bit more fun and personality to the look, which is what I am all about! This is a perfect laid back look for those days where you want to be comfortable, super girly and not like your age!

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