So with all that is going on right now it is so hard to stay high spirited and to keep going on the positivity train which is why I thought I would write my top tips on how I stay positive in a less than positive world. Because let’s be honest it is not as easy as putting positive pants on!

Get up, get dressed. As simple as it sounds just get ready for the day you want. Think back to those days where you have been ill and you have just had enough of lounging around one morning so you decide to just get ready and instantly you feel better. You feel more like you and that is what you want. To be back to normal and to be you! So get ready, take your time to make sure you look perfect and then get ready for the most productive day you can have!

Smile. It is the most easiest thing to do. How much happier would the world be if everyone smiled at each other instead of frowning? It would be so much better. Plus it releases endophines that make you happier in general. Did you ever do that thing as kids where you would just laugh, with no idea what you were laughing at with your friends and then it suddenly turns into actual full blown laughter. Thats what you are after. Happiness!

Declutter. Take some time to clear out your wardrobe, your space or anywhere that you feel is messy. It makes your mind clearer when you have got rid of things that you no longer need, have a tidy up and have a grasp on what you own rather than having no idea. This will also be beneifical on your bank balance too as you won’t buy things that you already have in your wardrobe because you forgot them. You can sell unwanted items on ebay to earn some money or even give them to charity and do some good. There is nothing better than tidying a room, walking out of it and walking back in seeing it tidy, clean, smelling amazing and knowing where everything is!

Facetime your friends and family. It is important to stay in touch with the ones that mean the most to you. It is so hard to not get caught in your own world when actually everyone is struggling, everyone is lonely and everyone could do with a chat. We are all sat at home bored, climbing the walls, craving the outside but we have to do what is better for the world right now and that is to stay inside. So a chat with your elderly relatives is just what both of you need. It will make their day hearing from you so just call them. Have a chat, put the world to right, make each other smile!

Make a list. I love a list, well actually I love the list ticking off process. It makes me so happy knowing I can tick things off that I have done. The sense of achievement at the end is amazing. Knowing you have done so many things in a day is a great achievement when you feel like you can not do anything but stay indoors. Even if it is something as simple as apply your make-up, wash your hair, put the washing on. Write a list and tick them off. You achieve a lot more in a day than you realise!

Do a hobby you love. It is really therapeutic to lose yourself in a hobby that you enjoy. I love baking, it gives me some time to switch off, get messy, creative and to have a yummy treat at the end. I always used to bake with my mum when she had a tearoom on the Norfolk Broads. I loved baking. It makes me so happy, plus it brings back great memories. Some people love reading, going for a bike ride or even cleaning. Whatever you love that will take your mind off things even if just for half an hour and make you smile, then it is worth it!

Have a pamper. Use this time to really treat yourself. Put on a face mask, put a hair mask on overnight, give your skin a real good scrub. Do all those little things that you seem to never have time for. The results will instantly make you happier. We are often all so busy that we don’t take time out for ourselves but it is so important to recharge our batteries. You can’t run a car on empty and then expect to sell it when it is missing parts and looks run down. So why would you do that to yourself?

Apply some fake tan. I feel like as soon as I put a layer of fake tan on, look in the mirror I instantly look back and see less imperfections, I feel more confident and I feel like I can take on the world. I don’t know why it has super powers but it does. It makes you feel like you’ve been on holiday, you’ve got that sunkissed glow that only comes from being in the sun. All your clothes look better when you have a tan, your makeup looks better when you have a tan, you smile more. It has super powers I told you!

Now go and be happy! Natalie xox

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