I am now a massive skincare addict. As I am getting older I am really conscious of the fact I really need to take care of my skin in order to look younger for longer! Not only that but when you take time out to really pamper your skin you feel better in yourself, you feel rejuvinated but not only that, your make-up goes on so much nicer and lasts longer if the base is free of dirt, debris and is smooth. I used to use wipes and occasionally a moisturiser but now I have an actual foolproof routine that I swear by!

First up, it is beyond important to remove your make up correctly. It is so easy to grab those wipes, swipe away make-up whilst rubbing and scrubbing your face in the process. That is just so unkind to your skin. How would you feel about being pulled from side to side, rubbed and not cared for. No you wouldn’t like it. So why would you do it to your most precious areas on your face of your eyes and lips? They are so delicate and vunerable it is so important to treat them correctly as they deserve it!

This eye make up remover is one of my favourites as it smells devine and removes all traces of eye and lip make-up. Let’s get real here, we have all tried and bought eye make up removers that don’t actually remove all traces of make-up especially waterproof eye make up. That stuff is tricky beyond relief to shift so when I found a product that actually removed it, it didn’t require scrubbing and smells delicious it is obviously going to earn pride of place on my dressing table. To use: apply a small amount onto a cotton pad and then place onto the eye or lip area for around 20 seconds, let the product do the work and then gently pull down onto the lashes- no need to scrub at all! Repeat if needed and it is removed in a dream. TRUST ME! For lips apply to the lips on the cotton pad and then gently work from side to side in sweeping movements, again. No need to scrub or pull the lips from side to side!

Now onto the removing the rest of your make-up. It is just as easy. Believe me. I am a fan of fuss free products. I haven’t got loads of time to remove my make up, by this point in the day I want to remove it as quickly as possible and get into my comfy clothes and slob out in front of the tele. So I need something that will work quickly, do all the hard work for me and leave my skin feeling and smelling amazing! Which is where the nourishing omega- rich cleansing oil comes into play. I have no words for this other than a-maz-ing.

How to use: Apply one or two pumps of the light weight oil onto dry skin and then add warm water. This makes the oil melt into a lather which you will then massage into the skin before rinsing off with more warm water. That easy!

Once your hair is cleansed, fresh and free of make up it is important to close your pores. If you do not do this it is when dirt gets into those pores and the dreaded spots and blackheads occur! Toners also calm, soothe and refresh the skin.

How to use: Apply a small amount onto a cotton pad and work into your face and neck area. That easy!

For a really indulgent treat twice a week I then add a face mask into the mix. It is a time for me to really take some time out for myself, enjoy a pamper and to sit and relax for a few minutes with a magazine and a cup of tea. Ahhh bliss. Face masks are essential in every skincare routine not just when your skin needs it. If you do a face mask more often you would not have those panic “I need to use a facemask moments”.

How to apply: Use a generous amount all over the face and neck once you have cleansed and toned. Then sit back, relax and take some time out. After ten plus minutes wash the mask off with a flannel and warm water to reveal smooth, nourished and hydrating skin to die for!

Serums. What are they? Why are they important. Moisturisers vs Serums, what is the difference?

Moisturisers look after, add nourishment and refresh the top layer of skin- think the skin of today. The skin you see in the mirror. Serums look after the skin of the future, they get down into the deeper layers of the skin and add nourishment and prepare the skin of the future, it is an investment in your skins future. Which is why they are such an important factor if you really want to take care of your skin.

How to apply: Apply after you have cleansed, toned, moisturised your skin either morning or evening. Using as little as 1-2 pumps on the face and neck area. Smooth over the skin and tap gently around the eye and lip area.

Peels, they are the buzz word in beauty at the moment. I love my skin feeling refreshed and youthful, glowing and smooth to the touch. Which is exactly why I love exfoliators and peels. Revealing a whole new layer of skin that is radiant. This peel is a different kind to majority on sale at the moment as it is not left on the skin for a few moments, then massaged in and then washed off. This one is very different. So much more of a treatment and works harder to reveal a new layer of skin.

How to apply: Smooth jusy 3-4 drops onto the face area avoiding the eye and lip area. The treatment must be left on overnight and then washed off in the morning with warm water.

For that daytime extra special luxurious feel to the skin it has to be a day cream. Day creams are so important in order to make your skin appear more plumped, your make-up glide on so much easier and adding extra nourishment to the skin. This peptide4 day cream also blurs impurities, fine lines and wrinkles whilst mattifiying and balancing the skin and not only that it also reduces the appearance of your pores at the same time! See, it is so much more than a moisturiser ever could do!

How to apply: Apply a pea sized amount to freshly cleansed skin every morning or wear alone or with a touch of SPF for a natural flawless every day look for those barely there days. This can also be used as a primer before you apply your make-up. If you struggle with your make up staying in place all day then this is the hidden secret!

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