I would be lying if I said that being inside hasn’t had an impact on my creativity, how I feel and my mood. It has. Some days are good and some are extremely hard. Today is a hard day. Life can not always be butterflies and rainbows, some days it is tricky to say the least and some days I just feel like poop. I want to wallow in my own self pity and watch gossip girl with a hair mask in until I need to shower.

Going out is one of my favourite things to do. I love socialising, seeing my friends, and just being normal. Right now, nothing about the situation is normal. Creativity is hard to find when you do not have the opportunity to go outside and get inspired.

I thrive on colour, colour makes me happy, my space makes me happy, but right now I am living with my boyfriend Chris. As much as I am there a lot of the time, there is no space that is mine. A space for me to do my make up, a space for me to be surrounded by my stuff. Do you know what I mean? At the moment I am living with my clothes in an open suitcase that is slowly growing up the wall! Not ideal, but I love Chris and as hard as it is for me I would not want to be anywhere else. We are keeping each other sane that is for sure!

So Chris’ flat is very manly. More and more I am slowly adding colour to it don’t worry! But I am seriously struggling with creating content inside. Chris is a high risk case, so going outside is a complete no go right now, so we have 2 rooms, one bathroom, a rooftop and a corridor to shoot in. Limited to say the least, so we are having to be as creative as possible. I started scanning youtube and pinterest for ideas on how to shoot indoors. It is so hard, but I really appreciate it now, I appreciate space. I have bought so many props, I have blu tacked table clothes onto walls, it has been like an episode of art attack most days to be honest.

Learning to mix things up, showing “real life” scenerios of me wearing no make up, looking like a general mess without even brushing my hair to even things out. I have even uploaded a post workout photo. Who am I? It is all about making things normal with a bit of glamour, even if it is just for the gram. Once or twice a week I am putting on my make up, doing my hair and looking presentable as if I am honest I am loving not wearing make up but then having that glimmer of a reminder I can look nice when I want to!

This whole time is making me a whole lot of grateful for all those days where I could go out and shoot content with my mum and stop off for tea and cake on the way. I think we are all learning to be a lot more appreciative of things and what we can do, who we love and what we all can’t wait to do. Like I seriously can’t wait to have a bbq!

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