Since being in lockdown it feels like the seasons have completely changed. It was non stop raining and now it is glorious sunshine everyday. HELLO SUMMER!

There are a few things that have been making me happier since we have been in lockdown. Having a tan and new clothes, and since being in lockdown without my wardrobe as I am at Chris’s means that I need clothes parcels from my mum and new clothes additions. Hello new orange top of beauty.

I love this top so much. The colour is out of this world. This girl loves orange!! And with this tan, yes yes and yes. I love these kind of tops with jeans, they look so cute together. I am learning whilst in quarantine to try new things, and I have found some killer items the past few weeks that I would never of bought before that I AM NOW IN LOVE WITH. One word I would not use to describe myself and that is sexy. I just get all shy and embarssed. People think because I am a blogger that I am super comfortable and confident- which I am to a degree. But I do not like being exposed. Put me in the biggest and boldest prints and I will pose like no tomorrow but things with a bit of skin on show I start to panic. So say hello to a new Natalie. A Natalie that is starting to get a little bit more confident. This top brings out all that sexiness.

Teamed with jeans and a colourful bandana is just what I would wear for a lockdown date night. It is colour, it is sexy and it is fun. Plus the clever stitching makes me boobs look bigger, which I am welcome to as I was not blessed there! It is such a fun and perfect look for those days where you want to make an effort and when we finally get to out for those jeans and a nice top occasions!


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