There are many things I have learnt during isolation about myself. I love chatting with my friends and family, I am extremely sensitive when it comes to my moods and emotions, I LOVE exercise, it makes me happy and allows me to have a self control in the most uncontrollable circumstances.

Another thing is I love comfortable clothes, and actually a lot of the time it isn’t the clothes that are uncomfortable, it is the shoes. Shoes… Ohhh what it is like to wear shoes. I have put on shoes literally 7 times maximum during lockdown and that is for the weekly highlight of going to she shops!

There is nothing more comfortable than your 10 year old jogging bottoms, or a full blown tracksuit that looks like it has been dragged through a bush but you love it far too much to be parted with. I have gone out without a scrap of make up on my face I don’t think the world is quite ready to see me with my oldest tracksuit bottoms, which is why I need a simple yet stylish easy throw on outfit for those days where I want to make an effort for my own wellbeing. Whenever I feel down or sad about what is going on I make things worse by looking in the mirror to see a make up less girl in the mirror with her hair scraped on top of her head resembling a minor version of myself that normally looks back at me. So I make it my mission to once or twice a week to do my make up, hair, put on some tan and get dressed. Even if it is something super simple it makes me feel better. What we all need right now is to really make the most of the small things that make us feel normal, even if it is just a small bit that we do have control over.

When it comes to a basic classic outfit there is nothing more classic than jeans and a basic white tee. An outfit that everyone owns, yet it is so hard to get right. Both are such “simple” items but are so easy to get wrong. It is all about the fit.

I love a fitted jean. Being petite I find it really hard to get a pair of jeans that fit straight away without alteration. A lot are too long or do not fit right on the waist but I have a collection now of perfectly fitting jeans in a variety of shades of blue all perfect for different occasions. They all work differently for different things, I love flared jeans and mom jeans the most, they are both styles that really flatter my style and shape. When it comes to a simple pairing for a white tee I love a mid wash blue denim. The contrast works really well together and perfect for those laid back days where you want to look put together. Just like now!

White tees, oh that basic that everyone should have in their wardrobe but it is so hard to get just right. I have a few different ones actually, different fits for different outfits, they are perfect for layering. A fitted one looks great under dungarees or a slip dress whereas an oversized one looks great with jeans. With oversized tee shirts I love getting them really oversized. This one I am wearing is a double extra large, but I love the fit, the sleeves look great at that length. Perfect for those simple laid back days teamed with my favourite necklace and a bright bag to add a welcomed coloured addition.

Jeans and T shirt both FEMME LUXE

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