I don’t know about you all but for me I am all or nothing when it comes to dressing during lockdown. I either am in my loungewear or I am full on glam reminding myself I can look nice and that it was not a figment of my imagination looking something other than a bald mole rat!

On Friday night I made the effort and the decision that I was going to make a real effort for Saturday night date night. So that is what I did. I tanned, I put a hair mask in and prepared my outfit ready for Saturday nights transformation. I love the prep of getting ready sometimes more than the actual going out, so for me this was the perfect situation. I have the chance to get all dressed up to watch tv and lay on the sofa.

This little red dress was going to be the perfect outfit. I love wearing red, when I was younger someone told me that redheads couldn’t wear it. Oh boy were they wrong. It is one of my favourite colours to wear as it really makes my skin tone pop and hair colour just wow. The neckline of this dress is what I loved most as a square neckline is extremely flattering along with the long sleeve, it is unlike anything else I own. I am really trying to only add items to my wardrobe that I do not already own anything alike.

This is definitely not like anything I own, and most importantly when I put it on I felt like a million dollars. I felt slim, I felt out together and most importantly, dare I say it, I felt sexy. I am not sexy normally, it is not something that I ooze unlike a lot of other girls do with ease. I am more of a goofball that dad dances around like a wally. But this dress made me feel that. Which is exactly why I love fashion. It has the super power to change your mood and the way you feel about yourself in seconds.

Right now if you are feeling down or like you can’t even remember what you look like with make up, treat yourself, have a pamper. Put a hair and face mask on, tan yourself and I promise tomorrow you will wake up happier. Somethings as small as they seem can have a huge impact as they remind you of normality and are a little pick me up. If that still doesn’t work then put your favourite dress on and do your hair and make up and take a cute selfie. The power of making an effort and looking like you are used to and that you are put together will make you feel put together.

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