I am loving being comfortable 98% of the time, it makes things so much easier doesn’t it. Especially on a Sunday. Sundays are made for loungewear sets that make you feel uber glam. Comfortable clothing that makes you feel super glamourous, who knew? I always thought it was one or the other. See, there is loads of good to come out of isolation lockdown!

Sundays for me are all about loungewear, being comfortable, laying in bed and binging on gossip girl. I am now on season 5 and I only started at the beginning of lockdown- that is a lot of hours but hey, it is an investment right? Whilst drinking tea or the occasional cocktail!

This set is my favourite, it is like a posh tracksuit. I am an inner tomboy, well actually that side of me does leak out a lot, so it will be no surprise and there is nothing more comfortable than a tracksuit so the new trend of loungewear is a lightweight Summer version. When I say I have been living in this set I mean it. As soon as it has been washed and dried it is back on again, it is firmly one of those items that you get and then wonder what on earth you ever wore before it! If there is a time to really enjoy loungewear it is now!

The pink makes it super girly and feminine and perfect for a slumber party with your girls when we finally can! Imagine what it will be like to actually hang out with your friends again, watch a movie and wear matching outfits, it sounds like a dream, an actual dream!! There are so many things we all take for advantage and that is definitely one of them. I can not wait to see my friends again.

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