Okay, so we have been in isolation for 7 weeks now. In some ways it feels like 7 weeks but in others it feels longer as I honestly can not remember the last time I saw my parents and could hug them, I went out for a coffee or the joy of looking in my wardrobe and picking something out rather than something off a pile on the floor only to go back into my pyjamas 20 minutes later. It is such an uncertain time that none of us really know what is going on. It feels like groundhog day everyday.

Once a week I make an effort to get dressed, put makeup on and do my hair. It is important to remind yourself you can look nice! I have literally been living in tracksuit bottoms, so it is nice to get dressed up. I have really enjoyed the one single day when I get dressed up because I put so much more effort into it. I take my time and really make the most of it. Tan, do my makeup, put some nice clothes on, do my hair and feel like me again. It is like a reboot! Reboot for the mind and body. It is important during this time to look after our mental wellbeing more than ever.

When you wear nice things, make an effort it does you the world of good. I think right now people are in the “I don’t need anymore clothes” or “I will buy this and wear it as soon as we are allowed out” camp. Me, I am in both. One day I am all for saving money and then the next I need that pretty dress, the sparkly shoes and that is that. I love being a girly girl. Getting all dressed up is one of my favourite things to do, so why would I stop. During this time I am using it to try new things, push my own boundaries and see where it takes me. Since lockdown I have got back into exercise, I have realised just how important my family is to me and it is so important to appreciate the small things in life that make you happy.

I’ve experimented with my fashion whilst being in isolation, trying new things, oversized shirts are now one of my favourite things to throw on over a t shirt or a dress. I also love white now. Who would have known that I didn’t have to wear colour ALL the time. I think what I have learnt is that it doesn’t have to be colour on everything to make my images and content colourful, it can be just a pop of colour in the image to make it colourful and bold.

A bright red lip is my favourite make up look right now with a winged liner. Simple yet classy and chic. Perfect to go with a white classy dress or a simple band tee and jean look. I actually love the look of a tan, white and a really natural holiday vibe make up look. I am super freckly so I find this is a look that reminds me of what it is like to be on holiday… oh that distant memory! White dresses I will no longer be afraid of you, when I have a tan you will be my new “go to”. FACT.

If we can’t be experimental now then when can we? I mean I have even thought about dying my hair and adding some highlights to it. I wanted to do it before all of this but through fear of it going wrong or not liking it I have always backed out. But maybe this is now the time….

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