Like a lot of people I am using this time in lockdown to really pamper, I mean how often do you get to put hair masks on for days on end, facemask frequently and getting into a vigorous pamper routine that you can keep control of? Never! Until now…

I have always been on top of my skincare routine, this girl loves a pamper more than the average girl I think but I just think that you only get one lot of skin so you have to take care of it. Plus it has a huge impact on your mood doesn’t it? If you have clear skin, your hair looks great then you feel great. Plus I want to look as young as possible for as long as possible so I am open to trying every lotion and potion available. My bathroom cupboard is overflowing with serums and moisturisers but I love the feeling of a pamper as well as the time it takes to do it. It is so important more than ever to take the time out for yourself for your own mental wellbeing. I will be honest I have been guilty of having days where I have just binged box sets but it is all about balance. Some days you just want to chill out as you just feel drained with the whole situation, which is exactly when you need to make sure you pamper yourself and give you a little boost.

I have a serious collection of face masks, I mean there are so many out there aren’t there? I use a variety of masks and have used them since I was a teenager. I love the single use sachet ones, the tube varieties, but I have a new one to add to my list. It is the “No Drama” facemask from FUNDERM.

It is a red clay face mask. Ooooh I love a clay mask, there is something so theraputic about a face mask that tightens. I also love that it is clear when to take the mask off and wash it as it changes colour slightly and tightens on the skin. Just what you want on a pamper night! Yet it is so creamy to the touch and glides on the skin like a dream, and smells devine! Whilst being packed with lots of active ingredients giving the skin a real treat that it deserves. With our minds feeling unbalanced at the moment it is so easy for our skin to take its toll too, so the perfect balance of prebiotic and probotic balances the skin leaving it purified and balanced in just five minutes. Result!

Whilst it is great to pamper your skin and give it a pick up it is also important to treat your body from the inside, I am an avid vitamin taker, cod liver oil, multi vitamins I give them all a go. Saying that I have forgotten to take them a few days recently as let’s be honest all days are blurring into one. The latest addition to my multi vitamin quest is also from FUNDERM.

I don’t know about you but I much prefer a chewable vitamin than a regular tablet, they feel less like a chore if they are a sweet if that makes any sense? Plus if you get a great tasting one like these grape flavours it is literally like eating a sweet that does good. Now that never happens!

Lavi Davi supplements are also packed with probiotics and prebiotics that work wonders for your hair and nails. If anything comes out of this lockdown I really want to have great skin and hair. I am really insecure about my hair after having to have it all cut off, so now I will and would do anything to get my long luscious locks back. So these are a great start to getting those and becoming much more confident.

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