Lockdown has given me so much time to do things that I wouldn’t have had time for normally. Things that you gloss over or that you generally say “I will do that tomorrow, and never get around to”. One of those things is playing around with makeup and trying new things, which seems scary normally but now this time I think should be used for trying new things as now you have the time to take it off and re do it if it goes dreadfully wrong.

One of my favourite programmes at the moment is “Glow Up” It is on bbc three and is amazing. It is on it’s second series and for good reason! It is hands down the best motivation and inspiration if you love makeup and want to fall back in love with it. Every episode I watch I instantly want to dive into my makeup kit and paint a new face! The urge is too much. There has been days where I have just painted half of my face and believe me the difference make up can make to your face is huge! Eyeliner can make a hige difference to your eyes, lipstick to your lips. Don’t even go there with bronzer!

Being pale and a redhead means that my boyfriend often thinks that he is dating two women as I look genuinely so different without make up on. I have zero lashes, a million freckles and don’t even go there with how pale I am when I only tan my body and not my face! Which is exactly why I love make up, it allows me to transform my face, try new things and to accentuate features that are oh so often forgotten!

My favourite must make up products:

Becca backlight priming filter: This is honestly the best primer I have ever used. It glides on the skin leaving a smooth, airbrushed feel to the skin, colour correcting any areas of concern whilst also adding a gold shimmer to the skin which really helps to radiate the skins natural beauty. A must have.

I heart Revolution waffle palette: This is a great bronzer and highligher palette that works perfectly with all skin times and tones. Meaning it is perfect for pale gals like me who sometimes have fake tan on and on other days do not. It is so hard to find the perfect bronzer, some can look muddy or lose pigmentation throughout the day but this one is perfect! The perfect mix of bronzers and highlighters that is also great for travel.

The waterproof mascara by Revolution: Now mascara, I think it is one of the hardest things to get right, even though I wear false lashes so it is not necessarily a high priority as a price point I still need a mascara that is going to coat my eyelashes, make them black as black, last all day long and to be waterproof. There is nothing worse than watery eyes, oh wait there i, watery eyes with non waterproof mascara. No one wants to look like a punk rocker with mascara everywhere and two black eyes.

The perfect nude lip: For this I use two products, both from Becca Cosmetics. One is Becca ultimate lipstick love in shade Orchid. This is the most luxurious pinky nude that works perfectly with my skin tone. I have always been so jealous of other girls who have perfected that natural nude shade that looks effortless that I was yet to discover. But now I have! To line my lips I use Becca ultimate lip definer in shade weekend. This is the perfect combination. It is so important to use a lip liner if you want your lipstick to last all day long and really emphasis the shape of the lips. I love to line mine and then also fill them in, this gives a really natural and even colour shade to the lip. It is the only way.

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