So, being in lockdown has had many benefits, it is not all bad let’s be honest! One of mine has been I am spending a lot less, I mean going out to eat a lot and having events and things to go to by where I always NEED a new outfit for all adds up doesn’t it. So I have been staying at Chris’s for lockdown which has been amazing, but being away from my wardrobe and all my clothes hasn’t been as much! I have been wearing the same 10 outfits on rotation and I will be honest 7 of those are pyjamas and loungewear sets, it is not worth getting all dressed up for is it? All of my clothes have been in a pile on the floor in a messy pile because there is physially not enough space in his flat for me to have my own wardrobe- believe me I have tried so many different possibilities!

Now lockdown has been let up a little means that I can finally go and see my parents and my clothes!!!! Oh how I have missed them both! Obviously I miss my parents more, they are my best friends, but the feeling of walking into my room and seeing all my clothes hanging up, folded away and organised was euphoric. I can actually use that word and mean it. After having such a limited clothing range really limits my mood.

Now some of you might feel like I am mad but the way I dress really impacts on my mood. So now I can really express how I feel a little more now I can go in and pick some clothes for the week that can go from tomboy to girly girl for however my mood takes me. I am telling you it really has made me feel more like me. I love the way my clothes really allow me to express my mood.

Also being able to look in my wardrobe, a wardrobe I haven’t seen in four months. FOUR MONTHS! It was like looking in a shop, an actual shop in my house. Boy had I missed it, like proper missed it. I had forgotten about a third of the clothes I actually own. They were at the back of my brain, and thanks to corona they are now firmly at the front again.

Sometimes you just need a mix up, to see things in a new light. I mean everything in your wardrobe earned it’s place as an item of beauty, something you wanted to buy, love and couldn’t wait to wear. So why has that changed? Because something came into your wardrobe and took away your attention for a moment until you forgot how much you loved it? It deserves better than that and so does your money. You paid for it, you love it. Get it to the front of your wardrobe and start wearing it again. Stop buying new and bring things back to the front of your wardrobe, trust me it is like buying new items- just without the pain of bank balance screaming at you!

I have really lacked inspiration during lockdown and to be honest I am still now. It is so hard to stay motivated in a time where everything you have ever known is no longer. I rely on outside influence to inspire me on new ways to style. I love seeing what other people are wearing and how they are styling things. Don’t get me wrong I always have my finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends but it is really nice to see how the bloggers and influencers that inspire me style them. It gives me so much oomph- that is the only way I can describe things. Sometimes on websites they wouldn’t style things how I would.

I mean when you have been living in pyjamas and tracksuits for months and months on end, not only is it easy to slip into bad habits, I find the way I dress expresses how I feel that day, it makes me feel like me. So wearing one colour tracksuits and leaving hair masks in my hair for hours and hours on end whilst watching box sets of gossip girl and jane the virgin I feel like I have lost a little bit of myself. But speaking to my friends, a lot of people feel exactly the same. I love clashing prints, colours, patterns but I can’t do that in tracksuits and I don’t like just lounging about fully dressed, I mean what is the point in that? None at all. So.. yeah low motivation is here currently but I am going to kick her butt, pull out all the prints I own in my wardrobe, wear them all at once and rock it however crazy I look!

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